Community Health Jobs in Australia

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Australia has a long and proud tradition of egalitarianism. Whether expressed in terms of the fabled concept of the “fair go” or the age old practice of volunteering for one’s local community, Australians typically like to lend a hand to those in need. Thanks to this tradition, towns and cities across the country, including the smallest most remote rural communities are served by a network of community health organisations who aim to deliver basic public services from medical care to education in locations that would otherwise be ignored. Most of these community health organisation are publicly funded, usually by a combination of local and state government and with the broader health care and social assistance field the fastest growing in Australia, community health jobs are in plentiful supply at the moment. So what exactly are the types of community health jobs available in today’s labour market and what tasks do they involve?

Challenge & Variety: Some of the Community Health Jobs Available in Australia

Community Development Jobs

Typically found in local governments, community development jobs require well organised, community-minded professionals with strong interpersonal skills who are responsible for designing, implementing, managing and evaluating a range of programs to improve the everyday lives of the members of their local community. This includes everything from running youth outreach programs, managing the day to day operations of local community centres to arranging volunteer programs such as meals on wheels for senior and disabled citizens within their local government jurisdiction. According to Payscale, the median annual salary for all community health jobs (including community development worker jobs) is $52,347, with starting salaries around the $42,000 mark and more experienced workers able to earn up to $62,000.

Community Health Worker Jobs

Community Health Worker Jobs encompass a broad range of responsibilities and are generally based at local-government run community centres and health clinics, where these skilled professionals meet directly with community members and their families on a daily basis. They typically play and advisory role, listening to the health and social concerns of their clients, before pointing them in the right direction towards more specialist health professionals such as counsellors, social workers, youth workers and general practitioners. According to Payscale, an entry level community health worker can expect to begin on $42,000 per annum before earning up to $62,000 per annum having gained experience.

Community Nursing Jobs

Community Nursing Jobs involve fully qualified nursing professionals working in remote and rural communities that are typically not served by the full-scale hospitals and health facilities found in larger population centres. For this reason, community nurses will typically be posted to a remote location for months at a time, from where they will provide basic health/medical services to community members including counselling, basic health check-ups to dealing with minor injuries and common illnesses. These positions can often involve long hours and difficult conditions – including extreme heat and humidity in outback locations, but with annual salaries ranging from $65,000 to $78,000 these dedicated professionals are deservedly well rewarded.

Disability Support Worker Jobs

Disability Support Workers perform a challenging role which can also be highly rewarding, by providing daily assistance to individuals suffering from an intellectual and or physical disability. As part of this role, disability support workers will do everything from helping clients shower, use the toilet, get dressed, eat and move from A to B around their community. With the federal government in the process of rolling out the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), disability support worker jobs are currently in high demand and predicted to be so for the next few years to 2020.  According to Payscale, Disability Support Workers in Australia are generally paid between $36,000 up to $62,000 per annum, with the median salary $47,000.