Best Entry Level Healthcare Jobs for Graduates

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Registered nurse taking blood pressure

As anyone who keeps up to date with trends in Australia’s labour market will tell you, the healthcare and social assistance sector is in the midst of what will probably be a long term employment boom. Put simply, Australia’s population is growing fast – faster than any other developed (OECD) nation in fact, with our overall population increasing by 1.6% in the 12 months to June 2017. Combine this with more Australians entering old age, living longer lives and you have the perfect ingredients for strong demand. Whilst healthcare employs more than 1.5 million people at present (approximately 13% of the entire national workforce), this isn’t enough – which is why another 250,000 positions are needed over the 5 years to 2022. For recent high school graduates looking for a sure career bet, entry level healthcare jobs are an obvious choice. Listed below are the best entry level healthcare jobs available in Australia, with none requiring an expensive, 5 year+ medical degree!

Aged Care Jobs

Average Pay: $46,800 per annum 
Jobs Growth: Very strong
Required Education: Certificate II or III in Aged Care

Aged care jobs are a standout in what is already a booming field – thanks to Australia’s so-called “grey army”, the large cohort of Baby Boomers who are now entering their retirement years in large numbers. Whilst only 1 in 7 Australians were 65 years or older as of 2016, this figure is forecast to increase to 20% (1 in 5) by 2036, meaning more senior citizens requiring aged care services. Whilst aged care jobs aren’t the highest paid, they do offer a level of job security and flexibility (I.e. the option to work part-time, mornings, afternoons or nights) that isn’t found in many other roles. Aged care nursing can also be a pathway into other related roles – including Registered Nursing and Healthcare Management.

Dental Assistant Jobs

Average Pay: $46,436 per annum 
Jobs Growth: Stable
Required Education: Certificate II or III in Dental Hygiene

Dental Assistants are responsible for preparing patients for their dental appointments, whilst working directly alongside medically-qualified Dentists and Oral Hygienists to ensure dental procedures are carried out without a hitch. Given that most private dental clinics operate during business hours, the benefits of dental assistant jobs are they provide a stable 9-5 full-time occupation in a social setting that only requires a Certificate II or III diploma. Working in this role can also act as a pathway into other healthcare jobs.

Medical Receptionist Jobs

Average Pay: $46,800 per annum 
Jobs Growth: Stable
Required Education: Certificate II or III in Business Administration

Medical Receptionists act as the friendly face of a medical facility, such as a public hospital or private medical clinic. They not only greet patients upon their arrival at the facility and answer the telephones, they also book appointments, monitor medical supply levels, manage patient payments and a range of other administrative duties. Medical Receptionist Jobs only require a Certificate II or III qualification and can lead to other administrative roles is healthcare and beyond.

Registered Nursing Jobs

Average Pay: $76,960 per annum 
Jobs Growth: Very Strong
Required Education: Bachelor of Nursing

At the higher end of entry level healthcare jobs lies registered nursing, a role that involves directly overseeing the care of patients in a healthcare environment – such as a public or private hospital or private medical clinic. Given registered nursing jobs do involve the administration of medicine to patients (including giving injections and inserting cannulas etc), this role does involve a more extensive education in the form of a bachelor’s degree. The benefits of working in this role include the opportunity to manage others and plenty of room to move into other related fields should you wish to do so.

Social Worker Jobs

Average Pay: $76,928 per annum 
Jobs Growth: Very Strong
Required Education: Bachelor of Social Work

Last but certainly not least are social worker jobs – which involve working directly with individuals, groups or families suffering from social disadvantage and other issues which prevent them from fully participating in the community. Social workers will first try to establish the specific needs of each individual, before tailoring practical plans and strategies to re-engage them with society, whether that be through education, employment or some form of therapeutic treatment. Social worker jobs require a basic bachelor degree as the prerequisite qualification and a strong desire to serve the community.


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