Allied Health Jobs in Australia

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Allied Health Optometrist

Do you have an enduring desire to help people in need? You may find your calling with allied health jobs. From providing care in an occupational therapy role to assisting people in a counselling position, allied health careers change lives – lots of them, every single day.

Allied health jobs in Australia encompass a wide range of fields in healthcare. So, let’s go through:

  • What an allied health job is
  • The types of allied jobs out there
  • The specific roles you can get into​

What is an allied health job?

Allied Health Jobs

As popular as the job title is, there isn’t yet a fixed definition of an allied health job. That’s because allied health careers span a vast variety of services in healthcare.

One thing is clear: Allied health jobs involve roles that provide individual care to prevent, diagnose, treat or care for a problem of the body or mind.

Whether there’s a physical injury, an illness or disease, or a mental health issue, there’s an allied healthcare professional to help.

Allied health jobs include almost every healthcare position – excluding medical, dental and nursing roles. And there are numerous categories and specialisations that can make up your allied health career. Let’s take a deeper look at what you could do.

What types of allied health jobs are there?

There are dozens of different allied health jobs in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney, and also in small towns in regional Australia. In fact, as our capacity to provide healthcare services evolves further, so will the industry. But those changes are a while away.

Allied health careers can involve:

  • Providing ongoing care and therapy
  • Diagnosing and treating issues with the body
  • Guiding people through mental health issues
  • Increasing someone’s level of health.

Listed below are specific allied healthcare jobs that are currently available.

For a broader view of the jobs available, browse our allied health job listings.

Allied Health Jobs Providing Ongoing Care

Allied Health Speech Pathologist

Every allied health job involves a high level of care. However, this specific area focuses more on ongoing support roles, where you’ll be actively working with your patients on a regular basis.

The most popular allied health careers involving ongoing care include:

Whether you’d like to continue to work with the same patients or would rather engage with new ones daily, you can find an allied health job ideal for you.

Allied Health Jobs Diagnosing and Treating the Body

Allied Health Physiotherapist

From skin issues to muscle pains, our bodies are capable of experiencing countless issues. Allied health jobs that focus on diagnosing and treating problems with the body have grown.

The most popular allied health careers that focus on the body include:

The intricacy of the human body is tremendous. If you’d like the challenge of diagnosing and treating issues that may arise within them, an allied health job listed above could be for you.

Allied Health Jobs Guiding People Through Mental Health

Allied Health Counsellor

Mental health is a concern prevalent in Australia. That’s why there are allied health jobs in Sydney, Melbourne, and across Australia. With telehealth and rural clinics, you’re sure to be able to find a job near you.

The most popular allied health careers in mental health include:

If you’re well-tuned into how people think and have empathy, you may be suited to a job in mental health. With countless specialisations – from art therapy counselling to family psychology – you can develop your allied health career in many different areas.

Allied Health Jobs in Health and Wellbeing

Allied Health Dietician

Quality health and wellbeing is vital to society. Allied healthcare careers aim to identify how someone can become their healthiest self. From individual diets and exercise plans to medicines and therapies, allied health jobs cover a range of services.

Are you interested in nutrition, medicine or exercise? If you are, developing your allied health career in increasing the wellbeing of others might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Many jobs will require relevant qualifications and expertise – especially in highly specialised allied health job roles.

With allied health jobs including so many categories of roles (each with their own specialisations), the list looks as confusing as a family tree. The trick is to look at who you are, what your experience is, and what you want to contribute to the world. From there you can isolate positions you’d excel in and begin your allied health career today.

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